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10 Real Online Jobs From Home (Without Investment)

Following the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, most business entities across the globe have shut down most of their offices, and employees are now working from home.

The implication, in this case, is that employees are working remotely. However, some people who are at home, do not have the option to work remotely. Such individuals can find their own work from home and get paid.

There are various job offers online that can enable one to earn from home. Following the current advancements in technology, the continued use of social media has acted as a bridge to the creation of legitimate online jobs.

Such real online jobs include:

1. Translation

A translating job allows it’s employees to work from home, and their deadlines are strict. Though most employers of translators require that the employee acquires a bachelor’s degree in the relevant area, others require translators who are fluent in at least two languages involved.

Most translators work from home for industries like private and local education services, technical services, scientific and professional sectors. Other translators work for governments and hospitals.

This is an online job that allows you to work from home and get paid. You only need a laptop and headphones alongside a secure internet connection. Earn from home by working as a translator, kick out poverty, and make money online.

2. Travel Agency

The demand for travel agents is high at the moment, and you can work online from home by harnessing the internet to get clients and help them plan their tours and adventures.

Travel agents are expected to provide expertise regarding particular regions across the globe and have the experience necessary for planning successful tours and adventures. Other travel agents have their focus on group travels.

Working as a travel agent does not require one to have a degree in the field; however, having it is an added advantage. Travel agents need to have the necessary information about specific places like hotels and waterfalls. They work by providing the necessary information required by clients to tour the place. Work from home and get paid by becoming a travel agent.

3. Blogger

This is a unique work-at-home job that requires one to be competent and build himself. Blogging may seem hard to other people, but it requires persistence and determination.

If you are a potential writer, you can quickly build an audience, find a way to monetize your website, grow your site, and start making money online.

Bloggers can earn money by sponsored posts, affiliate advertising, product sales, and Google Adsense. Owning a blog is not as expensive as domains cost at most $12 annually, whereas hosting costs around $7 per month. Work from home and get paid as a blogger.

4. Call-Center Representative

Most business entities require employees who can receive calls at any time of the day. Call-center representatives help clients to make orders, returns, and answer relevant questions regarding the services provided by the firm.

Earn from home by working as a call-center representative. Handling this job requires you to have a computer or laptop and particular software. You will also need to have a good phone for voice clarity.

You can apply for call-center representatives in companies like freelancers. You can also find listings in business newspapers. Work from home and get paid by working as a call-center representative.

5. Social Media Manager

Following the advances in technology, businesses have moved most of their operations online. They use various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to reach out to their customers directly.

Additionally, business entities carry their advertisements online to reduce expenses of advertising through media like television and print media. Such businesses require someone who can access a computer for at least 20 hours a day. Earn from home by becoming a social media manager and help businesses grow and increase their customer base.

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6. Freelance Writing

In contemporary society, writers are needed to create content, write articles, and develop ideas for websites. However, most firms recruit in-house writers, but others outsource writers online. Become part of the freelance writer community and work from home and get paid.

Freelance writing requires you to have writing experience like SEO. It would help if you get started, be ambitious, creative, and drive for success. Apply in the available freelance writing positions on various websites like Upwork. Once you get hired, ensure that you have a robust portfolio and some writing samples. You can easily make good money by working from home as a freelance writer.

7. Virtual Assistant

There many business organizations that entirely run their operations online; hence they hire virtual assistants to keep their operations organized and complete. When you become a virtual assistant, you become an independent contractor; therefore, you can work from home and get paid.

Your responsibility is to support customers in various sectors by providing technical services, administrative and creative services.

Additionally, virtual assistants can create and respond to emails, distribute business records, respond to inquiries, and create content. Apply to be a virtual assistant and earn from home.

8. Data Entry

Both small and large businesses require workers who can enter data into their systems. The data can be about tracking shipments, a measure of business performance, and the creation of business plans. Data entry only requires you to have necessary computer skills like typing; hence data entry workers can work from home and get paid.

9. Web Development

If you have a computer and computer skills, you can build your website and learn online. Most people purchase websites for their businesses; hence if you can start building websites and sell them to such individuals, this would be an awesome way to go.

However, many people buy websites because they lack knowledge and skills, while others do not have time to do so. This allows website developers to make money working from home. Most website developers are self-employed, and the majority of them work and earn from home.

You do not need any educational degree to be a website developer. However, you will need some relevant experience from a postsecondary institution. You will also need a developed portfolio from successful websites that you have managed and built previously. You can even train yourself online using coding boot camps, which are designed to teach programming.

10. Transcriptionist

You can earn from home by working as a medical transcriptionist. Although most medical transcriptionists are required to work at the health facility’s office, others are allowed to work from home. The work is flexible as it allows the transcriptionists to work during their time of convenience.

Medical transcriptionists work on tasks that are recorded medical diction. You will need to have the right earpiece and a computer. However, this job requires you to complete a postsecondary program in the field of transcription. Many medical transcriptionists are self-employed, and they get jobs from their local health facilities, physician, or even vocational institutions.

These are just a few of the ways you can work from home and get paid! Good Luck!

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